Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yea, Yea,Yea!!!! Zach got his first hit this season and followed that by another one! This season has been grueling and if your not hitting it can be very discouraging. Zach has been patient though, and it paid off, he got the game ball! I've never seen a happier kid, he just might sleep with the ball. My Aunt and Uncle from Montana are down here visiting family and my Dad invited them to the game . I had know idea he or they were coming and what better game to come to than this one. My mom was happy for Zach, but really sad that she didn't come for the first time this season! Lamar has never missed or been late, and of course was late today of all days and missed the first hit , but got to see him when he hit the second time up. Last Saturday, Lamar took the boys down to the park to play ball and there were 3 other boys from the older teams in the league,all pitchers. They asked if Lamar(Cooper)in a backpack, Zach, & Wyatt wanted to play? They said sure and ended up tying them. Zach got a few hits off of them. We think that helped boost his confidence and maybe that helped him tonight. Lamar and Dad, thank you so much for working with Zach like you have been. You guys Rock! We are very proud parents tonight, we love you Zacho!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Well as many of you know I love my birthday. Lamar never made fun of me this year for being so excited like he usually does. Every year I start telling him "it's going to be my birthday" like 4 weeks in advance, so I see why, but I really didn't do that this year. I must be getting old, like my brother says "an old hag". Anyway, Lamar and the boys went shopping and picked out very nice presents!! I am a lucky girl, Lamar always tries very hard and always does an incredible job. On Saturday, I got to go shopping with my mom and had blisters galore! We hit every store that I like, hey, I had Christmas and birthday gift cards to spend and I wanted to wait until 'the Cooper' weight went away! Then we went to my fav, Cheesecake Factory , and we were there 'till 11:30pm because my feet hurt too bad to get up and drive home. Happy 28th to me!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

So, a few weeks ago Zach had field day at Franklin. I always do this dumb thing were I tell him I don't think I'll come and then always surprise him. Well, this year he has learned and wasn't the least bit surprised I was there! I still have Wyatt and Coop to be a geek with, anyway, he had tons of fun with his friends and of course the ladies. j/k He loves Franklin and is doing very well. These pics are of his friends and teacher.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I carpooled this week and wouldn't you know Wyatt got Strep Throat! We went into the Dr. once again today to see for sure and Dr. James said "Yup, he has it." So now I have to make some phone calls to people who Wyatts been around. Anyway, we did a lot of running around today and now Wyatt and Cooper are tuckered out! Cooper is getting so big, he is our chunky monkey. He is so happy even when he had ear infections for 6 weeks or so, he was for the most part pretty content. That was why I said earlier once again we went to the DR. because we have been going since the beginning of Feb. for ear infections and last week Cooper finally got a clean bill of health! YEA! He had a little mishap on his 6 month birthday, actually, I was the little mishap! I know this is going to sound strange, but I was leaving Wyatt's t-ball game and Cooper was crying, so I stuck him in the stroller and took off toward my car. The field was rather bumpy and before I knew it Cooper had fallen out and was face planted under the stroller. Like I said before just a little mishap, I can joke about it now, but I freaked out! It was his first accident,like my Dad said "one of many ", I know, but I did it to him and it was devestating. He had stickers and grass galore in his mouth, up his nose and everywhere else. His chubby little face had scrapes all over it and they finally went away yesturday. This pic is of him a day later, the picture doesn't do him justice.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well, I finally gave into the whole blog thing and thought it might be kinda fun! Even if there aren't very many interesting things going on, other people might get a kick out of it. I hope you enjoy and don't judge.