Friday, February 27, 2009

S'mores Anyone?

Coop pretending he's a bull rider! Classic goofy face from Wyatt after eating S'mores. Zach was so excited to ask Papa if he'd ever played kickball in school. Zach's fav sport!! We know were these 3 boys get their good looks from!! Papa's Iced Tea kept Coop content!!
Tonight we met Papa Ron at San Tan Flats out here in Queentucky!! The boys were so excited to see him. We hadn't been there in a while & couldn't believe how many people are willing to wait an hour or so to get seated. We opted to eat outside by the firepits. What a blast that was, Wyatt kept throwing wood on to keep us warm and we got to roast marshmellows.Yumm!!
Thanks, Papa Ron for the fun night!!