Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1st Day of School

Alright, I know I've been slacking this Summer and I'm sorry. The next few posts are catch up, a camping trip to Bear Canyon, a visit to Colorado, and Sammi's visit and of course the 1st day of School. Enjoy!!
I can't believe it, Zach is in 4th grade and Wyatt started Kindergarten!! Wyatt was so excited even though him and Ady didn't get in the same class. Zach has been ready the whole summer. I know, a very rare thing. They both went off without a hitch, their mom got a little teary eyed though! It's amazing to see them turn in to little people. I love you boys!

Camping at Bear Canyon Lake

We finally got to take a camping trip this summer, much to my boys delight! Coops first one by the way. We were getting set up and found out that Zach locked the truck with the keys and Cooper's bottle in it! So, thanks to a nearby family the truck got unlocked. Lucky for Zacho! It rained off and on but it was perfect. Both Zach and Wyatt caught a fish, they were so excited. I took the boys for a walk while Lamar stayed behind with Cooper and we came upon Bear tracks!! We were very excited which didn't last very long because the boys were afraid that we might meet the bear that belonged to those tracks. So it was fun while it lasted. We got to play Zach's favorite game, kickball while a storm rolled in. Very fun!! Not a very long trip but it was still fun.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sammi visits for 3 weeks!!

Yeah, my niece was here for 3 weeks. Very exciting for all of us who don't get to see her that much. She flew back here with my mom and stayed with her most of the time. She stayed with me off and on, but she had fun no matter where she was. We swam mostly, they saw movies, we celebrated her 6th birthday early at Red Robin, yummy! All she wanted was to have them sing to her and she ended up being very shy, believe it or not. She is so much fun to be with, my boys were very sad to see her go! Love ya, Sam.

Off to Erie, Colorado to visit the Stroups

June 22,2008 Me and the three monkeys flew to Erie,CO. just thirty minutes north of Denver. Yes, me alone with three boys! Lamar stayed behind and worked while I went to visit Nicole and her family for a week. Let me first state that Lamar loves his family, he would even get escorted out of the airport just to make sure I made it through security with the boys!! And he even came back in just to make sure I was through since he got escorted out and he didn't get to see. Gotta love him!!! Coop fell asleep on the plane, thank goodness! The week went by fast with lots of memories. We went to Boulder were the kids got to play in a splash pond. We went to the Denver Zoo, which was amazing! Coolest animals and the kids got the raddest snow globes that ended up being confiscated at the airport! Very sad! Then we went to the Rocky Mountain National Forest and Estes Park. Beautiful!!! We drove all the way around the forest and ended up on the other side of the earth and eventually got back home, 4 hours later! Nicole And I were terrified because for a lot of the drive there wasn't any guardrails and we drove up very curvy mountains! The airport was a nightmare coming back. First, they decided to randomly search me and the boys. Yeah, me only adult and three kids!! They took the snow globes, emptied Coops bottle of water, and opened all of our bags! The kids were crying because they collect snow globes, so being the awesome mom I am, I decide, why not go through all this again and go mail these back to my house at the little postal office , problem solved. I get a pass to get out of line and do this and what do you know, the postal office there at the airport is closed on Sunday. A very nice airport worker saw my dilemma and offered to mail them for me and he came through for us. But, they arrived completely shattered!!! I'm sure your laughing or crying for me in which I've done both! Thanks, Nic for the fun times!!