Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy 10th Anniversary!!

Happy 10th, Baby! Wow, it's flown bye in so many ways! I can't sum up 10 years but I'm glad to say every year gets better and better!! Lamar and I went to the Pointe Tapitillo Cliffs for the night. It was really weird because they lost our reservation because some random person check in the day before with the same last name. Weird huh? Anyways, we went to dinner and got room service the next morning for breakfast, yummy! We layed out and went down the scary slide. I'm a wuss, I had my eyes closed. My mom watched the boys, thanks Mom! That was the first time we have left Cooper, he's 8 months old, I know, no judging! My hubby gave me the most beautiful roses and a diamond necklace!(I know your all jealous)j/k. It is gorgeous! I love you very much, Lamar!! Love, your Babydoll!

Wyatt Graduates!! (Preschool)

I can't believe it, Wyatt has grown up so fast! He is now an official Kindergartner! He had a very nice graduation thanks to Miss Randall! She is Awesome!! He had a part that he practiced night and day for, and that was "United States of America". He has come very far since Miss Kristina's last year. She had to talk to him about Sesame Street just so he would talk, and now he still has shy moments but that goes away very fast!! Wyatt and Ady buddied up this year and brought out each other's personality. Nothing like hearing two preschoolers talk!

Stroups' Visit!!

Yea, Nic and her family came and visited in May after leaving in November for Colorado. We had a ton of fun with plenty of eating out, swimming, and spend the nights! We had one of my friends do family pics. and they turned out way cute!Two more weeks till we visit Colorado!!