Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disneyland & Wyatt's 6th Birthday

It seems like forever since Lamar & I have been planning this fun surprise, Disneyland! We had so much fun . This was Wyatt's first time being able to go on the older rides. So for his first ride we picked the Tower of Terror! I know, like my Dad said I should of been turned in for that one. I had never been on it, so I had no idea that Wyatt would be scared to death!! It was fun though. His fav. ride was Splash Mt. & the Grizzly River Run. We did Splash a few times & we got to go on it two more times in a row because Disneyland was closing. Zach got to do the older rides, Indiana Jones was the One that Wyatt really looked forward to & he was so close to the height requirement that I even took a picture. Sad as he was he understood, & every kid that got to go on he would say "I'm taller than them!" It was very fitting that we found him a shirt that had Yoda on it and he is being measured for a ride & at Disneyland & he's too short, & the front of the shirt reads"Judge me by my size do you!" We loved it!! While we were there we celebrated Wyatt's 6th Birthday. We got to go on most of the rides with Fast Passes, everybody in the world told him Happy Birthday & we got to eat dinner with Pluto, Goofy, Jasmine, Minnie, & Aladdin at Goofy's Kitchen & had a blast. Yummy food too! Goofy was hilarious & Aladdin was so sweet! We all had a blast!! I think Zach liked making his own light saber the best though, oh and the Rollercoster at Cali. Adventure. Wyatt loved Splash Mt. & eating with Goofy. I think I'm old fashion & like all the old rides, like Thunder Mountain & Space Mountain. Lamar liked Splash, Grizzly River Run & Tower of Terror. I forgot one thing too, Wyatt got to talk with Crush from Finding Nemo. He asked him what his favorite color was & Crush responded "Green of course, Dude" & he named him Wave Crasher Wyatt. All & all we had super fun & are very grateful that Coop & Nana kept each other company!!
The Boys & SullyZach & MeLamar's always wanted to do this!
The picture speaks for itself!
Lamar & PlutoZach loves this picture! Goofy took this pic!