Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy 10th, Wyatt!

We sure love this kid. He loves to play Soccer, Piano & read. We are sure blessed to have him in our lives. 
We went to Red Robin & took his BF Crew & saw the Lone Ranger. 

Happy 1st Day of School

I can't believe it but I have a Freshmen, a 5th grader & a Kindergartener! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Superstition Farms

Cooper's 1st Field Trip with School. He had a blast & so did Zach & I. Zach was on Fall Break so I asked him to go. I have never been here but it was a cool little field trip for the kids. They learned all about the farm life. Zach barley remembers Papa Ron's farm which makes me sad because it was so fun to take him & Wyatt to play there.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

Zach's 15th

This is one amazing kid! He is all about family & really is just a good hearted kid.
Some cool things about Zach:
1. He loves the Red Sox
2. He wants to be a sports lawyer or agent.
3. He loves, lives & breathes Hudson.
4. He loves music 
5. He still likes to play games, espesically Risk. 
6. Loves plain bean & cheese burros. 
7. Loves baseball 
8. He's hilarious 
9. He thinks that his birthday deserves a week long celebration. Don't we all want that. :)
10. Still likes to do kid things. He thinks he's an adult. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Cooper

I can't believe my Coop is 6! We had so much fun celebrating him. We went to eat at Barro's & went bowling with his 2 buddies, Cooper & Mason & of course Nana & all of us. 
6 Amazing Things About This Dude:
1. He loves to be around anyone older. Preferably Zach's friends, but loves adults too. They love him too. He's obsessed with looking like an adult too. He puts on deodorant & cologne. 
2. He loves PB sandwiches & Pizza
3. He has the hugest heart. He always asks me how I slept from the night before & tells me I'm beautiful. (Not gonna lie I looked forward to it.) :)
4. He loves superheroes 
5. He had a blast playing Soccer & is so excited to play t-ball this Spring. 
6. He has lots of girlfriends & wants to marry them all. :) 

    Zach gave Coop deodorant & cologne            because every 6 year needs it, right?

Hudson's Blessing

Last Sunday, October 13, 2013 was Hudson's Blessing. We had such a wonderful time. We had so many people come for his special day that we felt overwhelmed with love. I wish I would of gotten a picture of him in his blessing outfit but I still got one of him that day. 
People that were there: 
Mom, Dad & Lane, Norma & Roy, Doug & family, Larry & family, Dawn & family, McGee's, Chalk's, Schureman's, Davenport's, Bill Stanley & Bishop Allen. 
Lamar blessed Hudson with always remembering to give service in your life. He was so nervous but did a great job. Cooper decided that he wanted to bare his testimony for the first time. He was darling & didn't even wait until it was opened up to go up there. Priceless. 

School Pictures