Saturday, June 19, 2010

End of the School Year / Beginning of Summer Fun

Where do I begin?? I have so much to catch you up on, that I might as well just do it in one post! We have already had a super busy Summer with Swim Team , teaching Swim Lessons & just trying to keep three boys busy. I teach swim lessons until Noon Mon-Thurs. , so the weeks have been going by way to fast for me. I'll be glad when they're over so I don't have to wake up at 5:30am & I can spend every waking moment with my boys! :/ No, I'm kidding, but I will be glad when they're over because that means it's that much closer to the Beach, yahoo!!! The Stroups, my Mom & Jason's family are all going this year. It's going to be soo much fun, I can hardly wait. Anyway, I have a lot to catch you up on & it's taken me almost a month to get this out. So here it goes.................................... Student of the Month: May I'll start with the oldest event & that was Zach getting his long awaited Student of the Month Award. You have to understand that Wyatt has received this award for the past two years & he's only been there for two years!! So, Zach has been very eager to get it since the 2nd grade. We are very proud you Zach for being so "Courteous".
End of the Year Awards:
Wyatt received the Academic Award for getting all A's & B's this whole school year! This is a huge milestone on the Spitler side!! I will say though that all of the grandchildren are very smart even in Math, so maybe it skips generations!! he he :)
DVLL Champs Red Sox 2010:
This is Zach's 2nd year in a row to make it to the Championships in Baseball. They didn't win last year but they did this year!! Woohoo!! It was the most exciting game. We played against the Cubs who hardly had any losses this season & they were a great team. It wasn't one of the best games for the Red Sox but we still pulled it off. The best part was Zach got up to bat with the score 0-2 Cubs & Zach blasted a hard grounder & got two of the runners home to tie up the game. It was awesome & yes I got teary eyed!! They ended up winning 5-4 . Gooo Red Sox!
And yes, that was the longest season Ever but I loved every minute of it! :)
Love Papa Ron!!
Swim Team: Perry Piranhas:
My Coop
Here's the trooper who sits(actually runs all around) through all the swim meets & baseball games.
Zach had his Championship for baseball the first week of practice, so we really ran seasons into each other. This is the boys first year in doing swim team. I know, crazy for any of you that knew me & knows that I lived in the pool since I was 4 years old. Zach actually did it when he was 5 for Taylor but we never stuck with it. So, in saying that it's been a little tougher to be 11 1/2 & just starting to learn all the rules & to be in a tough age group. I take him & his friend who also has never swam on a swim team, Meg at 6am for practice in Gilbert. That right there says a lot for a couple of tweens , but I think if they stick it out they could do really well. Wyatt has picked up on it so fast. He's gotten 2nd place in Freestyle, Backstroke & Breaststroke. What's funny about him is he weighs absolutely nothing, so he just cruises through the water. For those of you that know Wyatt you know that he is the slowest kid in the World when it comes to everything else, examples: eating, getting out of the car, homework etc. So in saying that, I really don't know how he pulls it off every time, but he does. Goo Piranhas!
1st Meet Freestyle
2nd Meet Freestyle & Backstroke
3rd Meet Backstroke & Breaststroke What a cute little fish!