Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swing, Batter!!

I can't believe Baseball season is here again! Lucky for us though Wyatt & Zach have opposite schedules, unlike last year. They are both doing great, Zach is on the Red Socks team & Wyatt is on the LSU Tigers. Zach's team hasn't lost one game yet & he's loving playing 2nd base. Wyatt has tried every position, even catcher. A few things I love about baseball are: the awesome farmers tan that you get & have to get rid of by summer time, chasing after my two year old, getting take-out on game nights, watching other parents get so worked up, but mostly just seeing my two boys getting better & better, every time they run onto that baseball field!!
Getting down to business.
What a cute 'Catch'!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

St. Johns

We went to St. Johns for Jessie Lee's baby blessing. We ended up staying in Snowflake with Doug & Kristy on Saturday night & then drove to Megan & Larry's house in St. Johns on Sunday. We had a lot of fun as always with this bunch! I got to hold Jessie & get my girl fix for a long time & loved every minute of it. The kids sure love having the open range to play & run wild. Cousins are so much fun!
Larry, Meg, Jayce, Connor, Kendell & Jessie
Almost the whole clan!!

Christmas in April??

I know it's April but I'm a little behind on my blogging. So the Stroup's came down for Christmas. They arrived on Christmas Eve which was perfect. We celebrated over at my Dad's house, had yummy food & Papa Ron read The Night Before Christmas to the grand kids. He got everyone Sun devils gear & even got all of us in a picture to model it. It was a lot of fun! For Christmas we woke up did the presents thing & breakfast. Cooper ate some of the leftover Santa cookies for the 2nd year in a row, pretty funny. Then stopped by Roy & Nonie's house & then off to Nana's. All in all it was a fantastic Christmas. While Nicole & Eric were here we went and saw Avitar, celebrated New Years with them & just hung out. It's been over 3 months ago so I'm a little foggy on the everyday details, but we did have fun I remember that!!
Papa reading the Night Before Christmas
Nic & E, two little love birds!
What cute Devils
Wyatt & Papa
Yummy cookies!! Thanks Nana!
Nonie & Lamar opening our gift to them.
Zach has been begging for a hat! Giddy up, cowboy!!
Farewell Stroups!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Student of the Month: Wyatt

So Wyatt got Student of the Month for the Virtue- Mercy. His teacher, Mrs. Cammack explained why he deserved this award: "Wyatt is naturally kind & compassionate boy. He never chooses to tell about other students' mistakes. He always looks at the positive & he has a wonderful attitude. Wyatt is a wonderful example to his peers. He is a joy to teach!" I don't usually brag about my kids but this boy sure does deserve all the bragging he can stand! Great job, W. We love you!!
Accepting his award
Go Wyatt!