Monday, October 6, 2014

Zach: Permit

I can't believe as I write this Zach will be 16 in two weeks. He got his permit in May & is still apprehensive about driving. I would be too. Lots of crazy drivers out there. 


I'm an Auntie again! Nic had her baby girl in July. She's adorable & I can't wait to meet her.

Coop: Rangers Machine Pitch

I love Baseball. Cooper played machine pitch this year & did great. I think 6 is a little young, I like t-ball. 

Cooper's Kindergarten Graduation

 loved this cool banner. 
           Way to go Mr. Serious! 
    Coop did so great! We love his buddy Cooper Morris too. 
                  We love Nana!

Wyatt: Arrow of Light & Crossover

Wyatt turned 11 so we had his crossover ceremony & his Arrow of Light ceremony in May & July. I love the Order of the Arrow peeps. They did a great job. 
We are so lucky to have an awesome family that comes to support the boys. 

These guys are really into this Arrow of Light thing. :) 
       Our cool Cub Master, Ron. 

Camping Spring Break 2014

We had so much fun going camping                 even though my battery died & it was    raining. We loved it & so did Hudson. 

Zach's 1st Deer Nov. 2013

Zach got his first deer!! He loved it & did a great job. It took 3 shots. Way to go, Z! 
I'm so glad when hunting season is over. :) 
Love Wyatt! He got drawn this year so maybe it won't be so boring. 

Hudson 6 months

Hudson started scooting around before he wanted to sit up but now he's doing both perfect! 


For Christmas I gave Lamar Dolly tickets. It was an awesome & very entertaining concert. Didn't like the venue at all, Dodge theater, but it was still was fun. 

Family Pics

Disneyland 2013

We had so much fun surprising Coop with Disneyland. As the kids get older it's harder to keep surprises. This was Coop's first time & he loved it. He didn't like the Buzz Lightyear ride or Tower of Terror. But we couldn't get enough of Splash Mt. I think he ate 4 bags of Cotten Candy too. 
We had such a blast. Perfect time to go. Loved the Christmas decor! 
                 Star Wars 
We had to see Woody since this was the only movie that was on repeat for at least a year at our house. 
              Poor kid :( 
         These pics are always a fav 

Christmas 2013

            Cooper being an Archer 
    Ben Franklin Christmas Concert 2013

Coop turns 7! What?

How is it possible? I have one child that it seems he never ages, Wyatt & another who all of the sudden fast forwarded a few years, Coop. 
Last weekend I took Cooper on a date to Build a Bear where he got a dragon & named him Amazing & then we went & got him a pretzel. Always fun to take time & spend a day with just one of the boys. 
Coop had an awesome Birthday party filled with an Olaf party, not to be mistaken for Frozen. We had snowball fights, Bahama Bucks & lots of games. He had a blast & I loved decorating for it. It's about as close to a girl party as I'll ever get. He had his friends over big & little because if you know Coop you know he runs with the older crowd as well as the younger one. :) He is such a sweetheart & is always giving me the best compliments. We love our Coop. 

Coop Facts:
Fav Food: Pizza or salad from Paradise
Fav Movie: Frozen
What to you want to be when you grow up?: Archer
Fav Sport: soccer & baseball
Fav Color: Rainbow