Thursday, December 17, 2009


I know, I've been missing from the blogging world since the beginning of October, but now I've been found. It's so crazy this time of year, but I feel that it's important to catch up with all of you on the happenings in my family. By the way, this update took me 4 days to do! So EnjoY!! No Christmas cards this year, so enjoy this cute pic with Santa. Merry Christmas & Happy 2010! Love , The Chlarsons Pine:
I'll start with the latest & that was going to Pine & playing in the snow last weekend. We went with some friends & had a blast, despite freezing our buns off! The kids sled down the hill over & over again, even Lamar tried it. My excuse was I had to keep Coop warm, (wink,wink). We also saw the most beautiful, full rainbow going up there too. I've never seen a full one before.
Beautiful full rainbow
Our happy family(with the exception of Coop, who wouldn't keep gloves on & loved to eat the snow= freezing hands!)
"I'm not sure about this?"
"So glad I'm wearing long johns!!"
Wyatt had an OK time, can you tell?
I love this little dude!
Stud Muffin!
Wyatt with the perfect weapon!
Coop workin' hard! Christmas Program: Last week was the kids Christmas program for school. We went to dinner at El Ricos , (our favorite place) with my parents & Lamar's parents. It was yummy, of course! Then we went to the program. It was the fastest program ever, which kind of made me sad. I know, tear, tear! Wyatt got to wear his pj's along with the rest of the first graders. Soo cute!! Then after we got Hot Chocolate & doughnuts with some friends & my parents. We even closed the place down because we were talking so much.
Me & my boys
Nonie & Papa Roy
Nana & Papa Ron
Wyatt's Field Trip: A few weeks ago, my friend Marcie & I got to meet up with Wyatt & Ady at the Zoo for there 1st grade field trip. We froze to death! I either freeze or sweat to death when I go, I can't seem to get it right. They got to see a puppet show that was really cute. These two elderly ladies were the stars of the show & were hilarious. The kids biggest highlight was of course, sack lunch!! Remember when you went on a field trip & your Mom packed you something special? I do, maybe that's why I make it such a big deal. Afterwards, we stopped & got some yummy Costa Vida.
What r u lookin' at??
Yee Haw!!
I found out after I took this pic that Coop doesn't like it when the ride stops!
Fall/Winter Sports: So, this past Fall Wyatt was in Soccer. His team was called the Monster Trucks & struggled all season long. Wyatt got the hang of it towards the end,which was fun to see. Now he is in Flag Football, the Cowboys. His team is very entertaining to watch & it's even more entertaining to see these other teams take it so seriously. This one kid today would just run for touchdown no matter if his flag had been pulled or not. Too funny!!
1st practice
Last Game
Birthdays: October was a busy month for us, we had Lamar, Zach & Coop's Birthday, then throw in Halloween, crazy!! I already posted about Coop's birthday, so next up is Lamar's 30th Birthday. We had so much fun, I surprised him by driving us up to Globe & meeting his twin brother, Larry & his wife Megan for lunch at El Ray Cafe'. He was totally surprised!! He had to get back because he had to go to a Stake Scout Camporee, on his birthday, dedication!!
Twins, what??
Uncle Larry & Coop
Next was Zach's 11th Birthday, crazy! Can you believe it, I have an 11 year old! It was fun, I took him & his friend to Amazing Jakes over October break. I don't suggest that to anyone, busy! Wyatt & I hung together while Zach & Adam were to cool for us.
I took Zach to his favorite place for lunch, Taco Bell. :/
Favorite lemon cake & favorite color
All set for Scouts
Arrow of Light Award:
With Zach turning 11, he moves up to 11 year Scouts now. He got the Arrow of Light Award & the Order of the Arrow presented it to him, along with his Dad, who is the Scoutmaster.
Great Job, Zacho!
Zach's famous...just kidding. All the scouts from the Q.C. were thanked by the city for helping clean up the Queen Creek Wash.
For Halloween, we had a party with our friends & their kiddos. We had yummy soups & played fun games. The kids bobbed for apples & played the doughnut on a string game. That was so hilarious to watch. Zach's doughnut fell on the grass, which if we hadn't just reseeded, it wouldn't of been that gross, but it was & no details are needed!
The best costumes!
Go Zach & Kenadee!
Dedication ....but still gross!
That's how it's done when you don't have two front teeth!
Wyatt's Owl Pumpkin
Zach's Iron Man Pumpkin
The Gang
Zach & his partner in crime, Adam.