Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coop's 2nd Birthday!!

Good Morning, Birthday Boy!
Last week we celebrated Cooper's 2nd Birthday! It's funny to think back two years ago to when he was born & we had named him Weston for a few hours. I had been going back & forth a million times between Cooper & Weston & then we decided & told friends & family. Then it just hit me, Cooper just sounded right for him. So, we had to make some embarrassing phone calls, but oh well, he is a Cooper & nothing else!!
We had fun celebrating with yummy cake & fun presents. He got to watch his favorite show whenever he wanted, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" & pretty much get away with anything. Which really isn't all that different than any other day!! LOL
We love our Coop! Happy Birthday big boy!!
Funny things about Coop:
*He calls Wyatt "Bob"
*He says "Ewe Wee" whenever he has a dirty diaper.
*He dances every time the "Hot Dog" song comes on on Mickey Mouse.
*Freaks out if you feed the dog without him or go outside without him.
*Can hear the pantry door open from a mile away & comes bookin' it in the kitchen.
*Still loves to paint his crib & bedroom with dirty diapers while saying "Ewe Wee"!
*Anything that has four legs, whether it's our Guinea Pig or any other animal, it's name is Buck our dog.
*If he sees his blanket, no matter where it is, he will drop like a fly & lay on it.
*Last but not least, he has us all wrapped completely around all of his fingers & toes!!
Thanks Nana! Coop & his bros!
Blowing out his candle!Diving in!