Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shocking I know.......

Yummy Cake
              Get ready for a ton of new blog posts! 2011 was a crazy busy year but it seems like 2012 has gone by even faster! I can't believe my last post was last March!

Last Summer Wyatt turned 8, was baptized & became a Cub Scout! We had Sammi fly down for the baptism which Wyatt was thrilled with!! Here's how it went: Papa Ron gave the opening Prayer, Papa Roy gave the Baptism talk, Zach talked on the Holy Ghost & Grandma Nonie gave the closing prayer.It was a wonderful evening ending with yummy El Rico's at our house to celebrate.

Some things about Wyatt:

Yippee for Scriptures

-He loves swim team & is great at backstroke.
-He likes Soccer.
-He collects anything & everything!
-He's not picky about what he likes or eats. Which sums up his personality of going with the flow.

-Loves his family & wants at least 18 kids of his own. ;)

Dad & his boys

Wyatt & Mom

I love this pic & wonder what he's thinking??

Wyatt you are so handsome!!