Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Wyatt !!!

Wyatt turns 5 !!!! I can't believe it but Wyatt is now 5 and starting Kindergarten in a few weeks! We had a great time, which included going to Streamers Ice Cream Parlor on Friday and on Saturday there was a belated 4th of July parade at church so we decked out Wyatt's bike with balloons and a horn! Pretty cool to have a parade on your birthday! Later on we had some friends over for swimming and food, they are all a blast to be with!! It was pirate themed, that's why Wyatt has an eye patch on!! Wyatt got roller skates that he has been asking for, for months now!! We put everything on that was possible for that picture! We love you W!! Some things that Wyatt loves: Color - Blue Food - Pizza(cheese) or PB & H. Loves junk food!!! Favorite things to do- Loves swimming, baseball, snuggeling(sorry Wyatt), being with family Favorite toys- superhero anything & loves his Imaginex sets Friends- Ady & Sam (pretty much anyone wanting to play with him!) Movie- Toy Stories, Indiana Jones - all
Something that I love about Wyatt- He is very shy but once he comes out of his shell he is a ball to be around and says the funniest things!!