Monday, June 29, 2009

The Zoo... WHAT??

I know what was I thinking, the Zoo & Summertime mixed together! Crazy, I know but I roped Nana into going too. We actually had a lot of fun, I took the boys and Ady & Meg. I wish I would of known that the Zoo closes at 2:00pm though, oh well. They all wore their suits and played in the new water area that has a slide and waterfall. Pretty refreshing for them, Nana & I were soaked. Yuk!! Cute pics though.
Lunchtime! Zach, Meg & Coop Wyatt & Ady
Cuties! Nana & Coop

Happy almost Birthday, Wyatt & Landry

Yum, Yum! Best Buds
Because of crazy schedules & such & Wyatt & Landry being 2 days apart we celebrated a little early this year. Landry's is July 10th & Wyatt's is July 12th. We went swimming over at Jason's house & had yummy food & cake. Papa Ron gave Wyatt a pair of Tony Lama boots (nice), but he could only fit one of the boots in the tiny gift bag he got him. So Wyatt went to open it at had the funniest expression on his face! As he pulled the one boot out Jason said " welcome to the recession , you'll get the other one next year!" Classic Jason! Happy almost Birthday Boys!!
Wyatt & his new Boots

Camping at Bear Canyon

The whole gang!!
Well I promised Lamar two camping trips this Summer, so here's the first one. We went two weeks ago, kind of a Pre-Father's Day present. Jason & his family were suppose to go but because of work obligations he couldn't come. Bummer! We still had so much fun, Papa Ron had an all boys dorm(tent) that Wyatt & Zach slept in & Lamar, Coop & I slept in our own. Papa Ron got to experience Wyatt throwning up through out the first night. Poor Papa Ron!! Wyatt was a trooper though too. We fished, played golf, kickball, baseball & built a fort, all in two days. I do have to say that one of the funniest moments was when we were playing kickball & Papa Ron was rounding 3rd base & doing a goofy dance, Zach nailed him with the ball. We all got a good laugh. We all had a ton of fun!!
That's the fort the boys built.
Me & Coop The FamLamar & boys hiding in the fort

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look Mom, I lost a tooth!!

Before After
Poor Wyatt! When he was a toddler he slipped in the bathtub & chipped his two front teeth & also hit them hard enough to both go dead. So the day were he would either lose them on his own or have them pulled would be coming no matter what, in his future. That day was last week, when he got an infection because his adult teeth were ready to come down & his baby teeth weren't budging. He was so brave, his teeth were suppose to pop right out but it took a little effort & now I have a new little guy on my hands. It's amazing how not only his looks changed but his personality did too!