Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break!!!

Hooray for Spring Break!! It started out with Wyatt going to Ady's birthday party. He'd been waiting for this day to come. He got to slip n slide eat his favorite, pizza!! Then we packed up Wednesday & left for Utah. What an adventure, 12 hours of on & off screaming from an 18 month old! Good times..but luckily I discovered Melatonin before I left. I was hesitant to give it to him but after 9 hours I gave in!! If you ever travel with kids please discover this wonderful natural sleep aid!! We used it the next three nights too, he didn't like his playpen at all. No judging!! Anyway, we got there at about 5:30am and went to sleep for a little while. We got up and got in the car and Lamar backed up into a pole. Pretty funny!! We got to Neuel's house for a little while and went to run an errand & what do you know, our car wouldn't start. It turned out to be a bad main battery cable, thank goodness!! So needless to say we got off to a fun start but the rest of the weekend went off without a hitch. The boys got to ride horses, Zach all by himself, he was very stoked! He gets to go on a cattle drive in June with Lamar, he's very excited. Anyway, the wedding was nice & we got to see people we haven't seen for a while. We headed home Sunday and had strong wind follow us from Utah to home. We heard up to 60 miles an hour!!Lamar's arms were very soar from holding on with two hands the whole way home. Love ya, Babe!! Enjoy the pics!!
Daddy & Coop
I love the Snow on the mountains
What a stud!
Dad & Wyatt enjoying a ride
Corwin & Tara

Field Day at Ben Franklin

This was Wyatt's first field day at Franklin. He was soo excited for this day to come. Lamar & I got their towards the end of his favorite station. Remember those scooters you had to ride in elementary school, they still have them!! Wyatt loved them but probably loved the popcorn more. Zach's field day was in the afternoon so Lamar & I came back to see the fun for a little while. You gotta be equal these days!!!
Wyatt in the Scooter Zone!
Miss Arnold & Wyatt
Zach playing Volleyball
I loved the parachute, didn't you??
Cooper being Cooper!!

Backyard Oasis!!

It may not look like an Oasis right now but it will before Summer, I hope!! For any of you that have seen my backyard you'll know that having a pool and a yard that has mostly rock doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So, we(I mean Lamar & the boys) tore out most of the rock and replacing it with grass. Since we were doing that we decided that we should finally put in the trampoline the boys have always wanted. That picture is of the hole that we had dug for us. The
boys & Buck love playing in it. I'll keep you updated!!

Zach's Field Trip to Arizona Living History Museum

Let me start by saying I had no idea when I volunteered to be a chaperon for Zach's field trip that it would entail a bus ride of 4th graders for an hour & fifteen min.!! My head was pounding!!! It reminded me of when my mom chaperoned one of my field trips. She was driving home, actually speeding home & she got pulled over by a cop. She told him how she was coming back from a field trip and she needed to get home and take something for her headache. He told her to go and get a Drink instead!!! Funny, huh? Anyway, it turned out to be fun. I didn't know that it was an old west town or I wouldn't of worn flip flops!! This town was actually a replica of Arizona when it was a territory. I have lots of pics of the buildings and of course, what is a field trip without an old fashion shootout between the sheriffs & cowboys? This was a field trip right up Lamar's ally. We alternate trips, I should of let him do two in a row! Anyway, it was great to have one on one time with Zacho!!
My group of kids(Zach's Friends)
The Sheriff
An old Stagecoach
Miss Karsom, Zach's classmates & Terrible Todd
My group in an old mine shaft