Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday, Zach!

I can't believe I have a 12 year old! Time has gone by in a blink of an eye. Zach blessed our lives 12 years ago & we would never be the same. He is one of the smartest & most thoughtful boys I know. He is always willing to help out & loves his brothers, (most of the time). He is a Deacon now which means he passes the Sacrament & goes to Young Men's activities & once a month with the Young Women, crazy! He loves Baseball & being with his family or just hanging with his friends. For his Birthday my Mom & I took him out to his favorite place, Taco Bell for lunch. (that's really all you can do on a school day). Happy Birthday, Zach! Zach's first combined activity with the YW/YM. Handsome & sporting some Abercrombie cologne that his Nana gave him. Zach & Nana at Taco Bell.

Happy 3rd Birthday Coop!

October 5th was actually Coops Birthday but I'm a little behind. Lamar was in town so Coop & I met up with him for lunch at Chick-fi-la. Coop had so much fun playing & eating a yummy ice cream cone. We didn't do a party this year so my Mom just stopped by for some cake & to give Cooper his present, a scooter. He loves it by the way!
Some fun things to know about Coop:
1. He loves to be outside.
2. He is at his Dad's side at All times.
3. He has been obsessed with Toy Story 1 & 2 since before the 3rd one came out. Which now that's his new favorite. He calls it Baby Toy Story though because of the Big Baby in it.
4. He still calls Wyatt "Bob" for whatever reason we don't know.
5. He calls the phone a Hello.
6. He is still in love with his Night, Night, aka blanket. We can lay the blanket down anywhere & he will lay down & suck his thumb.
7. He loves to wait by the window when his brothers come home from school.
8. He calls horses Yee Haw's & you can put a cowboy hat on him & he'll say "Howdy Partner".
9. He still takes a nap during the day, but all of his drawers will be emptied & his room destroyed to get back at me for laying him down.
As you can see, he is a fun loving 3 year old & our family couldn't be any luckier to have him in it!
Happy Birthday Coop, we love you!