Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Schnepf Farms

Isn't he a hoot?!
One day I will be caught up with my blog but until then I will just try and keep up with the most recent events. A couple of weeks ago my good friend Megan and I went to Schnepf Farms with our two little dudes. It was so much fun. These boys are at the perfect age were everything pleases them, Jack is 4 & Coop is 3. We rode the train which is only 2 bucks & it takes you on a lengthy tour of the farm! Then we went over to see some of the livestock & much to our surprise baby goats were born that morning. They were darling! Then after we hung out for a little while we went out to lunch at my fav Mexican place, El Ricos. Little side note, Coop got his thumb slammed in a heavy door & we thought he might of broke it but since he sucks his thumb(bad habit, Mom) it healed really quickly. Don't ask me why that makes any sense but all's I know is that it worked! :)
Coop & Jack on the Train
I really wanted to steal him!
Meg & Jack