Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coop's 5th Birthday

This year Coop was obsessed with having a surprise party for himself. He was inviting everyone. So, I decided to ask a couple of his friends to go with us to Peter Piper Pizza. He was so excited! After he asked if his real surprise party was later that night. 😁 That kinda tells you a little bit about him. He loves everyone & always wants everyone to be around.
5 things about Coop:
1. He is the best kisser & snuggler. He even grabs your face. Watch out ladies.
2. He loves to be included in anyone's family.
3. Just started playing Soccer. Hilarious
4. Loves PB only sandwiches.
5. Loves his dog Buck.

Zach's 14th Birthday

This year Zach didn't want to do anything big so we just had a low key Birthday at home. This is his first year to be able to go to Stake dances. He was beyond excited.
5 things about Zach:
1. He is either your biggest supporter or the complete opposite.
2. When his mind is made up you better believe you can't change it.
3. He loves Barros!
4. Has really started liking skateboarding since this Summer.
5. When his day is great he is the most amazing brother/son! 😉

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Last weekend we went up Neuel & Tina's in Kanosh, Utah for Maclayne's mission farewell. It was freezing & it snowed the entire time. It was so much fun though. Coop loved playing in the snow despite the freezing temps.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fall Soccer Season 2012

Nothing is more fun to me than watching the boys play sports. This was Coop's first soccer season at the Barn. It was hilarious to watch to say the least. He made the other teams goals & walked most of the time. Wyatt is doing great & has done 6 seasons down there at the Barn. I like that it's indoors but I don't feel like he understands the game as much as he should know by now. As he gets older I hope the coaches get a little better about explaining & coaching.

Thanksgiving 2012

My Mom & I love going to see Wyatt in the Hula Hoop contest every year for the Turkey Trot day. He does it for a couple of hours without any breaks! He did it this year until the time ran out. Way to go, W! For Thanksgiving we went & saw Wreck it Ralph & headed over to Nana's for dinner. Happy Turkey Day.

Christmas 2012 & New Years

We had a great Christmas this year. We did all of the traditional things that I love so much. We saw temple lights with our good friends, went to the kids Christmas concerts, baking & more. The boys are growing up so fast I can hardly believe it. They are 14, 9 & 5 now.

It's Official....

We are adding to our crew in July! We are excited to say the least. Lamar & I waited until Christmas night to share with the boys. Poor Coop has been asking for twins & (no I'm not) we saved one last gift for that night & let him open it. He freaked out because he thought he was getting a toy & it was the sonogram in a frame. My bad. We find out the first week in March. They couldn't tell on my last ultrasound . Any guesses?